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Headrest Compatibility:

CoulVue is compatible with the large majority of standard vehicle headrests. If your headrest has two visible steel rods that connect it to the seat, CoulVue is most likely compatible. If you have custom headrests, please email us at support@toucoul.com with information about your vehicle and seats and we will make sure that CoulVue is compatible.

iPad 2 Compatibility:

To maximize the security and strength of the product, CoulVue for iPad 2 is designed to be a perfect fit for the iPad 2. Smart Cover aside, It does not support any other cases or skins which broaden the shape of the iPad 2.


Extension towards backseat: 10" (from center of headrest mount to front of iPad)
Extension towards middle: 4.5" (from first joint to center of iPad, with iPad facing passengers)
Extension while collapsed: 5.25" (from center of headrest mount to front of iPad)


Please do not attempt to mount CoulVue to any other part of your vehicle, or to any object besides your vehicle headrest. We recommend removing the unit from the headrest when not in use.


0.88 lbs

CoulVue™ Patents Pending,  Patent D641610