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Do you love Apple products, but get frustrated by Apple’s lack of quality accessories?
I feel the same. I’m a big Apple fan, but I realized that Apple product accessories just aren’t always as great as the devices themselves.

One real problem I identified with Apple’s latest tablet designs is that as tablets get thinner and thinner, it becomes more and more difficult to hold onto and interact with them.

Apple’s latest tablets have so many fantastic features: beautiful non-reflective retina display, faster and more powerful performance, and a great camera with advanced features for shooting movies. But the new thinner designs (less than half the thickness of a No. 2 pencil!) can make it difficult to use all those great features without your hands getting in the way of the screen.
My elegant solution to this problem is the CoulVue Holder and Handle for iPad. A minimalist design for optimal protection coupled with a lot of features… it’s a match made in heaven.

About the CoulVue

The CoulVue is designed to match iPad’s minimalist design, while being just as versatile and feature-packed.
With this iPad holder, handle, and stand, you can interact with all your tablet’s features with ease, while still enjoying the beauty of minimalist Apple design.
We have carefully selected and vested our manufacturing partner for the highest quality, and have been through several rounds of prototyping and testing. At TouCoul,we stand behind the product and the brand by offering a two-year warranty.

We’re confident that the CoulVue holder and handle is the most versatile device in its category currently on the market.

A little about me…

Hi, I’m Tete Sedalo, founder of TouCoul.
I’ve always loved building things. As a kid growing up in West Africa, I remember breaking down my few toys to find out how they worked. After that, my parents were very hesitant to buy me new toys — I ended up building toy cars with friends out of recycled milk cans!

To this day, I really enjoy the process of creating great products. I love the attention to detail and the opportunity to be part of people’s experiences when they use my products.

I decided to design accessories for Apple products because I believe they capture all the best you could find in a great design.

Why “TouCoul”?

As a native French speaker who now lives in Southern California, I came up with the name “TouCoul” because of its double meaning. The name TouCoul is derived from the French phrase “Tout en Couleur,” literally “a lot of colors,” something really beautiful. In English, we also use the word “cool” for something beautiful, like a nice gadget. So TouCoul also means “Too Cool.”

Ready to get the most out of your iPad…

…while still enjoying Apple’s beautiful design?
Check out the CoulVue in action , and pick up one for your iPad today!