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A Full Solution Suite to Improve the iPad Pro Experience

A Full Solution Suite to Improve the iPad Pro Experience

A Firm And Strong Case for the iPad Pro

Benefit from a sturdily designed and constructed case that does not obscure the sleek contours and features of the iPad Pro. A simple, four-cornered, transparent case slips onto the back of the iPad Pro for all the protection it needs without obscuring any of the iPad.

Front and Back: Clear Protection

Nearly everyone has near panic attacks at the thought of scratching or smudging brand new and pristine iPad Pro’s screen or back cover. There is a solution available for both. Keeping the face clear of tiny scratch marks is easy once placing the available transparent screen protector in place. And when it comes to the iPad Pro, the back is as gorgeous as the front, and a new system features a transparent protective film that users can easily lay over the back of the iPad.

Once both transparent protective sheets are on the iPad Pro, the user can forget they are there and use the stunning iPad Pro in peace and comfort.

Even better, as part of the new solution system, users can slide the CoulVue Case over the iPad Pro — including the protective transparent cover sheets — for unobtrusive protection that does the job in keeping the iPad Pro safe from scratches, spills, fumbles and bumps.

Handling the iPad Pro Just Like a Pro

While the iPad Pro feels fine to the touch and holding it while looking at images or reading text is fine, performing functions is a clear challenge without worry over knocking the iPad into something or otherwise bumping it and damaging it.

Users can get a grip with the addition of an ergonomic handle designed and manufactured especially for the iPad Pro. The system’s handle affixes to the protective case to give users the ability to use the iPad Pro safely with one hand to shoot videos, snap photographs, view and edit documents, and so much more. Users can easily rotate the iPad Pro 360 degrees or simply from portrait to landscape view with the comfortable ergonomic handle.

One additional bonus of this part of the system is that users can easily lay the iPad Pro down, propped on the handle, and use it as a viewing stand to watch videos or look at images with no hands.

Mount the iPad Pro for Easy Viewing at Eye Level While Standing

Users who want to use the iPad Pro while whipping up a recipe or changing the oil in the car may need to see instructions at eye level and without the fear of getting batter or grease on the iPad. Even with the protective screen protector and transparent film protector for the back of the iPad Pro, no one wants to take a risk on damaging the iPad.

The fully thought out, designed and produced system solution for iPad Pro includes a sturdy mounting bracket system, including screws and drywall anchors, which makes it easy to use the iPad Pro anywhere safely.

Pencil in Some Writing Utensil Protection

The Apple Pencil lets users practice handwriting skills. However, many users wonder how to keep it safe while not in use. The solution users have waited for offers a protective leather sleeve for the Apple Pencil. A thin metal plate is sewn inside the sleeve, making it easy to snap the handle magnets closed to keep the Apple Pencil safely and snugly inside until users need it again.

Put All the System Components from TouCoul Together for Multi-Functional Productivity and Optimal iPad Pro Protection

This system offers seamless protection and productivity to not only support the iPad Pro’s best features, but it also serves to accentuate everything users want from the latest iPad. More news on this exciting system is on its way very soon from TouCoul, so check in for an upcoming announcement!


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