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Get the Power to Become the Architect of Your Productivity

Get the Power to Become the Architect of Your Productivity

What Makes the iPad Pro So Special?

Featuring two sizes — first, the original 12.9-inch model, making it the biggest tablet available, followed four months later by the 9.7-inch model — the iPad Pro takes portable productivity to new dimensions. Each lightweight model offers its own unique set of benefits, but both offer powerful performance, unprecedented visual sharpness, and astounding utility.

No matter how you intend to use your iPad Pro, this Apple tablet is certainly up for the task. Any task. Touting power capability that surpasses most portable personal computers, the iPad Pro offers endless possibilities.

Whether you are an artist, designer, mathematician, scientist, an elementary school soccer team parent, or a casual user who enjoys frequent gaming sessions, snapping an occasional photograph, or listening to musical selections from your iTunes library, the iPad Pro's versatility and ease of use creates a rich and immersive user experience.

The Delight Is in the Details

With the highest resolution of any iOS device, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro lets you see content and images in breathtakingly vivid detail due to its impressive size. This precision viewing experience — thanks to Apple's upping the ante by providing the most vivid Retina display ever — lets you see the finest details, crystal clear. The iPad Pro lets your eyes and mind react to high-quality visual data in exciting new ways.

Speed, Power and Battery Life to Spare for Editing, Gaming and More

The 64-bit A9X chip lays the foundation for the iPad Pro's power and speed. Thanks to the same A9X chip, you won't have to sacrifice any battery life. The iPad Pro can easily keep whirring along for up to 10 hours to see you through the most grueling editing projects, intense games, marathon movie watching session, and anything else you have in mind.

iPad Pro Offers Productivity, Portability and Pleasure for Everyone

Between the elegant appearance, the power and high-performance, and the extremely interactive nature of the iPad Pro, the tablet, in either size, offers amazing utility right out of the box.

Stay Tuned for TouCoul to Add Even More Utility to Your iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro offers plenty of productivity possibilities right out of the box. The designers at TouCoul have also been working on a new iPad mounting solution that enhances your experience so you can reap even more benefits.

The soon to be announced multi-functional CoulVue System lets you fine-tune and tailor Apple’s impeccably designed piece of technology for your optimum comfort, control and ease of use. Whether viewing and editing high-resolution contents, using the writing pen with one hand, or taking photographs while on vacation, TouCoul is working on an innovation that would complement and augment your iPad Pro experience. Stay tuned for more on TouCoul iPad solutions. 


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