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New iPad – Fun Features of the new iPad

posted 2012 Apr by Tete Tsedalo


Ever since Apple’s newest iPad hit the market, critics have been raving about its fun-filled features and intuitive interface.  The new iPad...

CoulVue Do-Or-Die Bridge Test (Video)

posted 2011 Aug by Cody Gibbs

Would an iPad survive a 100ft drop off of a bridge into a water-filled trench? I think we all know the answer to that question. 

The real question is, will the...

The Gadgeteer Tinkers With CoulVue for iPad 2

posted 2011 Jun by Tete Tsedalo

Being the moderately obsessed gadget freaks that we are, we love it when self-proclaimed gadget freaks have the chance to test out our...

How To Be An Awesome Backseat Driver

posted 2011 Mar by Cody Gibbs

First things first: you don’t technically have to be in the backseat to qualify as a “backseat driver.” All you have to do is...

3 Ways To Fight Off Backseat Boredom

posted 2011 Mar by Cody Gibbs

Remember those long family road trips, when “Are we there yet?” almost became a game in itself? How much fun that game was really depended on...